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Android Enterprise: Pradeo helps you regain control over security

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By Roxane Suau on July, 21 2022

With Android Enterprise, Google took a step towards data protection by separating personal and professional uses (BYOD, COPE). However, to better preserve users' privacy, the administrator of an Android Enterprise device no longer has visibility over the personal environment.

While many threats on Android can operate from one profile to another (this infographic lists them), separating uses in distinct profiles creates a grey area in terms of security. On an Android Enterprise device, the personal profile is an unsecured access point to corporate data.

In this regard, Pradeo's Mobile Threat Defense solution provide an appropriate response to Android Enterprise configurations. It allows to control the security of all the profiles of a mobile device, while strictly respecting users' privacy.


Cross-functional protection

Pradeo Security Mobile Threat Defense ensures the full protection of Android Enterprise mobile devices by detecting and remediating threats on each profile. Cybercriminals can no longer take advantage of private uses to compromise corporate data.

To alleviate security teams' workload, the protection provided by the Pradeo Security application is easy to deploy and fully automatable, enabling a hands-free security. Among other things, the solution enables risk-based conditional access to corporate resources, real-time malware blocking, phishing protection, etc...


Respect of privacy

At every stage of the research leading to this innovation, user experience has been at the heart of the thinking. We will never compromise on security, and the same goes for keeping users' personal data private.

Pradeo Security provides administrators with metrics on detected threats and compliance statuses against their security policy, without ever disclosing information about personal usages.

This technological breakthrough for Android Enterprise devices is unique in the mobile security market. It was created as part of our continuous innovation process, which aims at precisely and quickly responding to the new security challenges our customers are facing.



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