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Pradeo releases its new All-in-One Mobile App Security Platform

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By Faustine Tournay on September, 29 2016

Pradeo is sponsoring the AirWatch Connect conference in Atlanta (GA) where it will be presenting its upgraded security platform: Apps Security

Pradeo, the leader in Mobile App Security management and remediation, is presenting its new Apps Security platform at the AirWatch Connect in Atlanta on October 2 to 6.

New malwares and unwelcome Apps behaviors stealing personal and confidential data are alarmingly frequent, every organization and user are now exposed. Pradeo’s unparalleled technology for detecting and remediating against these threats, whether on a corporate mobile device or a personal phone, has already proved its efficiency It is now integrating Apps management and fleet management capability in an All-In-One platform called Apps Security, with enhanced functionalities and smoother navigation. For the corporate world, the partnership with AirWatch allows IT administrators to seamlessly integrate Pradeo’s level of protection through the mobile device management interface.

 “Adopting Pradeo’s solution distributed by AirWatch will allow IT managers not only to protect their firm’s confidential data but also their employees’ personal information if they decide to use their own devices“ said Renaud Gruchet, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer at Pradeo.

Until recently, the only way to safeguard against hackers exploits brought by Apps was to either block the device, or black list the App. This was not a very popular among phone owners, especially in a BYOD scheme.

“With Pradeo’s technology, IT managers have the capability to block just the App’s behavior in conflict with the customized security policy”, explains Mr. Gruchet.  “This solves the IT managers’ challenge of ensuring full protection of their system, while allowing employees almost full usage of their devices."

Partnership with AirWatch creates a great value added to the end customers.

“Bringing Pradeo into our ecosystem of technology partners has allowed our sales agents to provide customers with one of the best protection schemes they need, an effective and extensive security management of their whole fleet”, said Gregory Lehrer, head of business development for AirWatch. “With the increased concern of our customers with constant data breach, I have no doubt that Pradeo Apps Security solution will bring much needed relief to many of them.”

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