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New Release: Mobile Source Code Audit

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By Caroline Borriello on December, 14 2023
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One year after the acquisition of Yagaan, expert in source code analysis, Pradeo enhances its mobile application security services by supporting its first mobile language.

With two-thirds of mobile applications exhibiting vulnerabilities, this security enhancement is a crucial step in the process of protecting applications.

Data is the new gold, and the dominance of mobile usage places applications at the core of security concerns. By guiding developers in the analysis of mobile web application code, Pradeo opens the doors to code auditing in the mobile world.


Mobile Applications: A Genuine Security Challenge

With over 60% of internet traffic coming from mobile devices and 67% of applications handling personal data, securing the mobile environment is central to information protection strategies.

Product managers are the guarantors of the service provided by their mobile applications, both in functional coverage and in the implementation of suitable security measures. Driven by the speed of the mobile environment, application development cycles are generally short and focused on delivering value to the user.

Teams need a clear framework and effective tools to ensure data protection without impacting the product dynamics of their application. In this regard, OWASP has produced the MASVS (Mobile Application Security Verification Standard) framework to guide product managers and development teams. This practical guide defines security control criteria specific to mobile applications to be implemented during the development cycle.

Source code audit is the crucial first step to prevent security vulnerabilities and ensure the protection of sensitive data.


Mobile Developer Toolbox

React Native is among developers' preferred frameworks, bridging the gap between the web and mobile worlds with web apps. Platform-agnostic, supporting both Android and iOS operating systems, React Native optimizes development times.

Easily and rapidly integrating into development environments, Pradeo's source code audit service stands out for its effectiveness, both functionally and securely. Thanks to its unique "code mining" technology, now available on mobile, Pradeo's analysis solution automatically identifies the origin of vulnerabilities and prioritizes them based on the application context, providing developers with concrete guidance throughout the resolution process.

For a comprehensive approach, this service also applies to web languages and APIs inevitably called by the mobile application.


Diverse Security

The various verification levels presented by the OWASP MASVS framework attest that application security is not limited to implementing a single security measure.

Consumer, communication, gaming products, applications are vulnerable not only to code-related flaws but are also sensitive to their environment. Whether to impersonate the owning company of the application and trap users or to steal data from the device on which they reside, applications are targets and must implement tailored security measures.

To this end, Pradeo has developed a security value chain for developers and product managers, ranging from code analysis, compliance auditing, application strengthening, to embedding threat prevention directly into the application. Our services, designed to integrate into each phase of application development, offer a rapid and comprehensive security path to ensure optimal protection without impacting delivery timelines.

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