Our cybersecurity predictions for 2021

Posted by Roxane Suau on January 06, 2021

In 2020, we observed an explosion in the number of cyberattacks targeting companies and states around the world, to unparalleled levels. This trend confirms the acceleration we had anticipated, and indicators show that this will continue in 2021. Our forecasts are justified by the multiplication of connected devices, the cloudisation of services and the deployment of 5G." Clément Saad, CEO and co-founder of Pradeo.


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The latest and growing cyberattacks

Posted by Roxane Suau on December 17, 2020

This year may mark a turning point in the cyber world. As the pandemic urged organizations to enable remote working, the dissolution of traditional security perimeters accelerated until they fully blew apart. People with bad intentions saw in this chaos an opportunity to spy on an opponent, a government, a competitor; or to steal companies, public institutions, individuals…


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Mobile Threat Defense automation in VMware Workspace ONE

Posted by Roxane Suau on December 03, 2020

Ever-growing mobile usages are reinforced by remote working. Device management and automated mobile threat defense is the winning combination to prevent corporate data theft and exfiltration.

The pandemic has urged companies to set up remote working. When it was not already the case, employees are now more than ever using their mobile devices to carry on with their work tasks.


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Why is phishing so efficient on mobile?

Posted by Roxane Suau on October 15, 2020

Phishing is a hacking technique that makes a user believe that he is interacting with the interface of a trusted third party (his bank, an administration, a well-known company...) in order to exfiltrate personal information such as his password, credit card numbers, social security number, etc.

A phishing campaign is characterized, from the hacker's perspective, by the simplicity of its execution associated with the possibility to lead a large-scale attack. Although it originated in the 1990s, this type of attack is still very common today.


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In 2021, rollout a Zero Trust mobile security strategy

Posted by Roxane Suau on October 08, 2020

Mobile devices represent the fastest growing attack surface and the widespread use of remote working has been accelerating it lately. Cybercriminals target enterprises through collaborators’ smartphones and tablets, betting on finding loopholes they will exploit to steal corporate data. Security heads are looking to extend their Zero Trust IT security strategy to mobile devices and apps, but the versatility of mobility makes it challenging.

The Zero Trust model is a security approach based on the principle of not trusting any network or data access request by default, and to secure all entry points. It has emerged as the most reliable way for companies to keep away cyberthreats evolving within their distant and immediate environment.


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