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In-App Protection | Prevent fraud by thwarting clones and fake apps

Posted by Roxane Suau on September 16, 2020

Despite being built with various shielding techniques, mobile apps are easily cloned or mimicked. As a result, fraud figures have kept growing since the advent of mobile banking and payments, and counterfeit apps infiltrating stores generates serious reputation and trust issues.


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IDC recognizes Pradeo as core Mobile Threat Defense vendor

Posted by Roxane Suau on September 09, 2020

The market research firm IDC just released its latest marketscape dedicated to the assessment of Mobile Threat Management software vendors in 2020. Once again, Pradeo is featured as a core player delivering cutting-edge Mobile Threat Defense capabilities to address the continuously evolving mobile security environment.


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Security alert | 6 new apps with Joker malware on Google Play

Posted by Roxane Suau on August 31, 2020

Update September 2nd: The infected applications have now been deleted from Google Play, but are still installed on the devices of their users.

Joker is a malicious bot (categorized as Fleeceware) which main activity is to simulate clicks and intercept SMS to subscribe to unwanted paid premium services unbeknownst to users. By using as little code as possible and thoroughly hiding it, Joker generates a very discreet footprint that can be tricky to detect.

In the last year, the malware was found hiding in hundreds of apps. Today, Pradeo once again identified infected applications on Google Play (listed below), showing the store's struggle to prevent malicious activities on its platform. Altogether, the 6 apps account for nearly 200.000 installs. Users are advised to immediately delete them from their device to avoid fraudulent activities.

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Phishing: Why is it so effective on mobile?

Posted by Roxane Suau on July 02, 2020

It is probably one of the most popular threat of our digital world but still, years after years, phishing continuously tops the list of the most common attack types.

Per Wikipedia: “Phishing is the fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by disguising oneself as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication.”


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How to vet mobile apps before issuing them to collaborators

Posted by Roxane Suau on June 30, 2020

Cybersecurity experts are unanimous, mobile apps are hackers’ preferred vector to exfiltrate valuable data from mobile devices. Yet, the flexibility they offer makes them irreplaceable for both work and personal usages. Today, companies cannot afford to forbid public apps usages to their collaborators, even in the most sensitive industries. However, it doesn’t mean they should turn a blind eye to app-related risks.


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