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What you need to know about spying through rogue cell towers
By Roxane Suau on June 13, 2024

A few days ago, criminals were arrested after carrying out a large-scale cyberattack on mobile users in London. The attack was characterized by the...

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Data collected by mobile apps: the gap between what's disclosed and reality
By Roxane Suau on May 6, 2024

Over the past few months, developers publishing apps on Google Play and App Store have been required to fill out a new section on data security. It's...

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Intrusive applications | The suspect list - Part 2
By Roxane Suau on April 25, 2024

In today's digital age, mobile applications have become an integral part of our personal and professional lives, offering convenience and...

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Pegasus : analysis & recommendations
By Roxane Suau on April 4, 2024

The current resurgence of the Pegasus spyware is shedding light on a fundamental problematic raised for years by mobile devices: How private mobile...

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Sideloading : What Impact on Mobile Security ?
By Roxane Suau on March 14, 2024

The Digital Markets Act (DMA) that came into effect on March 2024 regulates the practices of major digital companies - Google, Apple, Meta, Amazon,...

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