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Pradeo acts against coronavirus by making its mobile security services available for free

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By Clément Saad on March, 17 2020

In this context of global health crisis, Pradeo supports companies by offering its mobile security services for free. This initiative is part of the mobilization action undertaken by the Hexatrust group of companies in response to the call of Cédric O, French Secretary of State for Digital Affairs. The publisher of mobile security solutions is committed to going beyond borders and opens the use of its solutions to all companies around the world who request them.


The world is facing a major crisis that is forcing companies to reorganize in record time and introduce remote working where possible. In these circumstances, mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, ...) are becoming the preferred medium for employees to, at the very least, consult the latest information provided by their organisation, or even partially or completely carry out their activity.

Through its action, Pradeo wishes to fully support companies and help them in the prevention of risks linked to mobility. Its services for protecting mobile devices and applications will therefore be made available for free until next September 1st 2020 for any new licence. Pradeo is organizing itself to be able to support all companies wishing to benefit from its services and to ensure a secure mobile environment to their employees or customers.

"In these challenging times, it is important to reschedule priorities. We want to take our role in the collective support movement and want to facilitate the securing of mobile devices, the cornerstone of remote working.

Our action aims to assist all companies in securing their mobile usages and thus prevent them from managing possible cyber-attacks in addition to the current crisis. As the virus has no borders, our proposal is aimed at any organisation worldwide. We sincerely wish all companies good luck in this exceptional situation."
Clément SAAD, President and CEO of Pradeo.


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