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Pradeo enriches VMware Workspace ONE with Mobile Threat Intelligence

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By Stéphane Saad on February, 24 2020

Pradeo, member of Workspace ONE Trust Network, expands its long-standing partnership with Workspace ONE to deliver mobile threats insights and mobile data processing to Workspace ONE Intelligence.


This new integration of Pradeo Security and Workspace ONE solution develops a new aspect of the long-established partnership between the companies.

While existing collaboration was so far focused on the real-time enforcement of security along mobile usages with Mobile Threat Defense, this new chapter is driven by analysis purpose and the core objective to feed security heads with aggregated security data across environments. Such target involves gathering the most accurate and granular information to draw effective trends and enable the refinement of the company security strategy.


1, 2, 3 integrations: Take your pick

  1. Agentless app vetting

As a quick and first start, Pradeo Security easily plugs in Workspace ONE to assess the security level of mobile applications hosted on the fleet and automatically updates device compliance status.

This first level of integration comes in a few clicks and addresses applications-borne threats representing 76% of the mobile overall threat landscape.

Learn more by reading the Easy Connect datasheet, or try for free the solution.


  1. On-device protection

The deployment of the Pradeo Security agent offers a full protection against mobile threats (Apps, network and device) combined with a real-time remediation. The second level of integration with Workspace ONE extends device compliance assessment to enforce Workspace ONE security policy.

Learn more in the Mobile Threat Defense datasheet.


  1. NEW! Mobile threat intelligence feeding

The latest integration with Workspace ONE comes as an addition to the first or second integration to populate Workspace ONE intelligence with mobile security events. It widens Workspace ONE footprint to provide security heads with a comprehensive understanding of mobile risks.


Pradeo Security threat intelligence into Workspace ONE

Pradeo Security technology provides the most precise detection of mobile threats and mobile data processing. Its artificial intelligence-based engine, internationally recognized, is the result of years of research to achieve the accuracy of a manual analysis. Its plain and unique understanding of app behaviors is a keystone in companies’ security strategy when mobile rank on the top of digital usages driven by apps consumption.

Through this new level of integration, Pradeo Security enriches Workspace ONE with its advanced visibility into mobile data manipulation and mobile threats allowing companies to prevent data leakage and enforce their compliance with data protection laws.


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