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Pradeo takes part in the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association

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By Stéphane Saad on December, 6 2018
MISA Pradeo

Pradeo announces today it has joined the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association to place its expertise at the service of Microsoft’s collaborative initiative to fight cybercrime.


Pradeo will leverage its 10 years of active research and development in mobile security to contribute to the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association in helping organizations addressing nowadays’ constantly evolving mobile threats.

Through the years, the Pradeo intelligence center refined an artificial intelligence based engine that mimicks manual analysis to provide mobile security services that answer companies’ security requirements along the mobile chain.

“We are delighted to join forces with the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association and bring Pradeo’s forefront knowledge in security to provide next generation mobile protection to our mutual users.” said Steph Saad, Chief Strategy Officer at Pradeo.

The Association supports advanced integrations of high-performing security solutions with Microsoft products to streamline customer experience and maximize effectiveness in threats detection and response. Pradeo Security Mobile Threat Defense service has been available to Microsoft Intune UEM users for nearly a year now. The integration allows on-device detection and remediation of mobile threats as well as dynamic enforcement of the security policy triggering Intune conditional access control.

In today’s Zero-Trust environments, Pradeo’s patented threat detection technology demonstrates a unique capability in drawing undeniable inferences and therefore empowering concrete responses. Pradeo Security solution expands its coverage to the protection of mobile applications and data, delivering a thorough approach to secure organizations’ mobile framework.

Ryan McGee, Director, Microsoft Security Marketing at Microsoft Corp. said, “Pradeo is a key partner in the fight against mobile threats and their robust intelligence-based solution helps protecting mobile devices, applications and data.”


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