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The Common Thread Between Mobile App & Endpoint Security

Posted by Roxane Suau on October 26, 2017

"Mobile attacks and vulnerabilities are increasing in terms of both number and pragmatism."

This statement made by the Gartner within the “Predicts 2017: Endpoint and mobile security” report is the foundation of the Mobile Threat Defense and the Mobile Application Security Testing Gartner’s 2017 market guides.

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Mobile Application Security Testing, A Must Do

Posted by Roxane Suau on October 19, 2017

Every month, thousands of mobile applications are released and the amount of apps available on stores is currently estimated to be over 4 millions. In a recent study, the Ponemon institute identified that 60% of IT security leaders reported a data breach caused by an insecure mobile app, meanwhile only 29% of mobile applications are being tested for vulnerabilities.

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The Hidden Face of Uber: Behaviors & Vulnerabilities

Posted by Roxane Suau on October 12, 2017

Lately in the news, we’ve read a lot about popular apps performing malicious and intrusive behaviors. The fact is that as users, we only see a tiny part of the actions performed by mobile apps, the rest of them being silently executed. Comparable to an iceberg, 90% of an app’s actions are hidden and consequently, hard to control.

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Mobile Application Security Guide 2017

Posted by Roxane Suau on September 20, 2017

The digital transformation immersed us into a mobile-first world where smartphones and smart devices are the communications media. Mobile Applications became the cornerstone of this new model providing hackers with a new landscape to play in.

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How Mobile Security Helps With GDPR Compliance

Posted by Roxane Suau on August 23, 2017

Half way through the two-year implementation period before the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is taking effect, many decision makers in businesses around the world are still unaware that the new law will affect them.

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