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42Gears chooses Pradeo to provide next-level Mobile Threat Defense to its UEM users

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By Stéphane Saad on January, 27 2019
42 Gears + Pradeo

The Pradeo team is proud to announce today that the Mobile Threat Defense technology Pradeo Security is now available to 42Gears Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) users.


42Gears is a  leading unified endpoint management provider with over 9000 clients across 115 countries. 42Gears Unified Endpoint Management is a highly scalable mobility management platform which empowers IT pros to take a consistent approach towards endpoint management using one management architecture.

By integrating Pradeo Security Mobile Threat Defense, 42Gears now offers Pradeo’s advanced mobile security capabilities to its users, allowing them to both manage and protect their mobile environment from the 42Gears Unified Endpoint Management console.

As the mobile workforce has a direct access point to sensitive corporate data, it represents a target of choice for cybercriminals. To keep up with increasingly sophisticated threats targeting enterprise mobility, Pradeo put Artificial Intelligence into practice by using advanced machine learning and deep learning technologies.

Pradeo Security for 42Gears provides adaptive, fast and proactive threat management, while avoiding false positive. These unique capacities ensure organizations’ data are fully protected against all kind of mobile threats.

“This partnership aims at providing 42Gears UEM customers with a robust solution that will protect them from constantly evolving mobile threats while simultaneously meeting business, regulation, and security needs.” said Steph Saad, Chief Strategy Officer at Pradeo.

This integration enables 42Gears UEM customers to protect their mobile devices from the full mobile threat spectrum by warding off applications, network and device-related threats.

Abhay Koranne, Senior Vice President at 42Gears Mobility Systems said, “The industry is moving towards stricter security demands for compliance and privacy. A mobile, distributed workforce, using personal as well as company-owned devices, calls for layered security and that’s precisely what Pradeo Security Mobile Threat Defense ensures. A partnership such as this means that our clients will now be able to deploy devices that meet both their business and security objectives.”


About 42Gears

42Gears is a leading Unified Endpoint Management solution provider, offering SaaS and on-premise solutions to secure, monitor and manage all business endpoints, such as tablets, phones, desktops and wearables. 42Gears products support company-owned as well as employee-owned devices built on Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Wear OS and Linux platforms. 42Gears products are used in various verticals, such as healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, education and retail. 42Gears products are trusted by over 9000 customers in more than 115 countries. For more information, please visit


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