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Pradeo launches unmatched benefits for MSSPs with its latest Mobile Threat Defense release

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By Roxane Suau on June, 26 2023

While mobile users are increasingly falling victims of cybercriminals, organizations are raising their spending in mobile endpoint detection and response solutions (Mobile EDR). To tackle these new cybersecurity threats, they are turning to their Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) to upgrade their scope into covering mobile security. Pradeo’s newest version of its Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) solution offers turnkey features designed to smoothly blend with MSSPs existing offering and drastically cut down administration time.

The market for Mobile Threat Defense has a promising future ahead, with an annual growth rate of 24,8%1 and spending forecasted to double in the next 3 years2. MSSPs have started seizing this business opportunity by bundling Mobile Threat Defense with their existing offers, but in their journey, they often face difficulties with solutions that are complicated to apprehend and which management is time-consuming.

Pradeo is proud to announce the launch of a new program and features entirely conceived to alleviate MSSPs and get rid of any complexity when it comes to securing mobile devices.


Turnkey program enabling to focus on business

Pradeo’s new partner program for MSSPs will actively support sales teams with adapted training, simplified pricing, a marketing kit with templated collaterals, and an onboarding accompaniment for your first clients.

By nature, Mobile Threat Defense can be bundled with Mobile Device Management, EDR and SIEM solutions as it provides the functionalities they lack to secure mobile devices from phishing, malware, leakware, network and system vulnerabilities, etc. and consequently prevents data breach occurring from the compromise of a mobile device. To ease bundling with such platforms, Pradeo is integrated with the key players in these markets.


Seamless to deliver and ready to scale

Pradeo Mobile Threat Defense is available to MSSPs on the spot or to take away, as it can be interfaced in existing Security Operation Centers (SOCs) or directly managed from Pradeo’s new multi-tenant dashboard. This new interface within the Pradeo Security solution will ease threat management by providing an at glance view of alerts requiring administrators’ attention and options to remediate them across tenants.


An automated protection to increase revenue but not costs

To cut administration time, the management of Pradeo’s MTD solution is 95% automated and the same policy can be enforced across tenants. Once deployed, it automatically analyzes security events, identifies threats and triggers responses such as phishing and malware blocking, unsecure WiFi forbidding, user guides to self-remediate… all without requiring a manual interaction.


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