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DNP and Pradeo at the Mobile World Congress 2018

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By Roxane Suau on March, 20 2018

For the second year in a row, Pradeo and DNP attended the Mobile World Congress together. During the event, they discussed the challenges of mobile security with Mounir Mahjoubi, French State Secretary for Digital.


Clément Saad, President & CEO of Pradeo, Kenshi Tani, GM Sales & BD at DNP and Mounir Mahjoubi, French State Secretary for Digital



With the growing use of smartphones and tablets, our mobile devices became an inescapable access point to personal and corporate information using applications: e-mails, agenda, home automation, CRM, sport or health indicators, ERP, location and routes…

As any other system manipulating data, applications have to be secured to turn mobility into an asset and application security became a central challenge for organizations.

In that context, DNP and Pradeo join forces bringing together their solution to cover security requirements of developers and publishers of apps (such as banks, insurances, health, automotive, government…) in a one-stop shop.


As a first concretization of their advanced integration strategy, DNP launched an application security service to control and strengthen applications’ deliveries bringing together:

1. Pradeo’s Application Security Testing module providing in one-click an accurate and comprehensive report for any mobile app just from its binary file. Thanks to its unique patented technology, it reveals and qualifies hidden behaviors, vulnerabilities and suspicious activities of mobile applications.

2. DNP’s cracking protection software featuring applications hardening: CrackProof is an anti-cracking software, available on the Cloud, which prevents malicious analysis and tampering of applications. It has been adopted by various industries such as game, financial and connected cars.  

3. Pradeo’s “In-App” Protection module: By integrating the “In-App” Protection module from Pradeo within their application, companies manage threats directly on the user’s device with a 360° approach and react according to detected security breaches.


The combination of DNP and Pradeo application security services delivers an end-to-end protection from the strengthening of applications as part of the development phase to the operating management of threats on users’ devices.


An end-to-end application security approach from Development to Operations




DNP met Pradeo at the Mobile World Congress in 2015 in Barcelona, Spain. In 2016, convinced of the complementarity of their solutions, DNP and PRADEO sealed a partnership and exhibited together at Money 20/20 2016 in Las Vegas. In the meantime, the integrated online service was elaborated and announced during the visit of Pradeo in Japan October 2016.

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