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Everything you need to know about Ransomware Attacks

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By Roxane Suau on June, 7 2017


Ransomware attacks have recently made the headlines with WannaCry but, do you really know how they work? Here are the 4 steps of a Ransomware Attack.



A Ransomware can attack computers, smartphones or tablets using different formats such as phishing emails, adwares or malicious applications. Once hosted, the malicious ransomware file can be triggered either remotely by the hacker, at a specific day and time or when the user performs a specific action.


Once activated, the Ransomware may locate and remove the backup files to make any restoration impossible.


Depending on the category, a Ransomware can encrypt files, display a threatening message (overlay) or even modify the device unlocking password. In any case, the user cannot use his device. 


The user is being informed that his files are being held up and is asked to pay a ransom. Usually, victims are given a few days to pay, after which the amount increases until files are eventually deleted when the timeout has been reached.



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