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The real price to pay for free clones of popular applications

Picture of Roxane Suau
By Roxane Suau on March, 23 2017


“This app that everyone is speaking of seems awesome, but I have to pay for it… We should be able to download it for free somewhere?!”

Indeed, no need to search for a long time before finding your dream mobile app without paying a cent. Non-official stores are happy to provide you with numerous clones of applications you usually have to pay for. But what is their real price?

 We have analyzed free copies of the most popular applications of the moment and the result is irrevocable: if you care about the confidentiality of your data, don’t be tempted by clones.

Ransomware, Banker, Spyware… Here is a panel of clones to avoid downloading at all costs:


monopoly.pngMonopoly clone on Android contains a Banker malware that:

- Steals your banking information,

- Performs fraudulent transactions,

- Accesses to SMS and MMS contents. 





Minecraft clone on Android contains a Ransomware that

- Blocks the user’s device or changes the password,

- Asks money to unblock it.





Bloons TD5 clone on Android contains a Banker malware that:

- Steals banking information,

- Performs fraudulent transactions.






Geometry Dash clone on Android contains a SMS Trojan that:

- Sends surtaxed SMS,

As well as a spyware that: 

- Steals personal data,

- Geolocates the user.


Despite information and warnings, smartphones and tablets users are rarely conscious of the risks linked to downloading apps on non-official stores. Doing so, they put in danger the data they have access to through their devices. So, if you currently don’t have a mobile security solution and you have BYOD users – like 74% of companies, your corporate data are probably vulnerable. 

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