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IDC named Pradeo as a worldwide leader of Mobile Threat Management

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By Roxane Suau on December, 26 2018

The global market intelligence firm IDC just published its latest MarketScape report on Mobile Threat Management solutions. We are proud to announce that after a thorough evaluation of Pradeo’s clients views completed by a technology assessment, IDC analysts named Pradeo as a worldwide leader of the market.

At a time when mobile endpoints represent organizations’ greatest data breach risk and authorities toughen data privacy laws, security teams are looking for robust solutions to secure their mobile environment.

Pradeo Security is an Artificial Intelligence-based technology that provides the most accurate mobile threat detection of the market. Advanced AI capabilities combined to a strong set of mobile-centric tools are our key differentiators.

Pradeo is the uncontested European mobile security leader and this global recognition by the prestigious firm IDC holds out the prospect of an even brighter future.


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