In-app protection novelty: Make sure your app is not a clone

Posted by Roxane Suau on July 08, 2020

As per our recent article “Why cloning your app is a piece of cake?”, cybercriminals will ultimately always find a way in your app whatever the fencing in place. From basic ad profits to banking trojan or keylogger, hackers have several lucrative and more or less malicious reasons to break into your app and clone it. Besides this, official stores are far from being bullet proof and there are countless news reporting clones being removed after millions of downloads.




So, let’s set it in stone: clones exist! and having a clone of its application spreading in the wild represents serious reputation and trust issues. Pradeo research and development team focused on this tough question to find an innovative way to thwart cloning attempts.

We are proud to announce the releasing of a brand-new anti-cloning functionality as part of the Pradeo Security In-App Protection service complementing existing shielding capabilities.


Shielding is necessary 

Shielding and anti-cloning capabilities should not be confused as they are not serving the same purpose.

In-app self defense provides capabilities to detect on-device threats such as malicious apps (screenlogger, ransomware, overlay…), Man-In-The-Middle attack or a rooted/jailbroken device putting the application at risk. It comes as an SDK to be integrated within the application and providing ready-to-use detection features to empower adapted security responses.

From a hardening perspective, obfuscation and anti-tampering consists in wrapping the application burying the code under an extra layer. It allows to reduce the attack surface of the application to experienced attackers but more likely evil-minded. Those ones might succeed in tampering the application and issue a clone. The new anti-cloning capability provided along with Pradeo Security In-App shielding solution addresses this ultimate, damaging use case.


Prevent cloning activities from causing any harm

If we start from the premise that, one day or another, an attacker will find a way to clone your application, we have to prevent that clone from perpetrating its malicious purpose and alert the organization of such attempt.

In that framework, Pradeo has developed a unique and cutting-edge in-app shielding technology to neutralize cloning activities. Both the company and end-users are assured to proceed with the legitimate application. Therefore, cloning the application, even if doable, will become pointless as no sensitive user information or transaction will be processable from the clone.

This unparalleled solution is straightforward to implement and comes as an add-on to the existing Pradeo Security shielding solution.


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