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Pradeo streamlines Mobile Threat Intelligence with a brand-new line of services for security professionals

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By Roxane Suau on July, 10 2019

Official Press Release here.

Pradeo’s new mobile threat intelligence services provide deep and accurate insights on mobile threats, offering companies visibility on the mobile environment, thus enabling effective counter-threat responses.

Pradeo has developed over the last decade a network of millions of sensors across the globe that continuously gathers the most current mobile security events. Thanks to that extensive coverage, the mobile security leader is now launching the first mobile threat intelligence line of the market.

The Pradeo Security mobile threat intelligence platform uses an artificial intelligence-based engine that leverages advanced combinatorial algorithms to perform multidimensional analyses. By relying on those unique capabilities, Pradeo Security automatically replicates the accuracy of a manual assessment to distill billions of security facts into actionable intelligence.

The clear insights yielded by the Pradeo Security engine enable IT security and mobility departments to get a direct view on the cyberthreats lurking on their mobile devices and applications, giving them the keys to implement adapted preventive and mitigative measures.

Pradeo Security mobile threat intelligence line is built to fit any customers’ needs. Its first range of services is dedicated to delivering information on the global mobile threat landscape, while the second one shed light on a specific environment.


Global mobile threat intelligence services

  • Threat intelligence feed to stay up-to-date with the newest and most spread mobile threats exploiting applications, the network and/or the OS.
  • Global application database to access the detailed security reports of millions of public applications.


Personalized mobile threat intelligence services

  • Mobile security event collector to get visibility on the threats evolving within a mobile fleet or surrounding a mobile application.
  • SIEM connector to automatically enrich databases with current mobile security events.


The strength of Pradeo Security new mobile threat intelligence platform lies in its ability to collect mobile security data on a large scale and to get the most accurate intelligence out of it, ensuring the services are highly comprehensive and reliable.

To get a free trial, reach Xenia Tews at or directly book a call with Pradeo’s sales team in this online calendar.


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About Pradeo

Pradeo is a global leader of mobile security. It provides solutions to audit the mobile ecosystem and protect the data handled through smartphones, tablets and mobile applications.

Pradeo's cutting-edge technology, Pradeo Security, has been recognized as one of the most advanced mobile security technology by Gartner, IDC and 37 other research firms in 2018. It provides a reliable detection of mobile threats to prevent data leakage and reinforce compliance with data privacy regulations.


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