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Mobile Application Security

Mobile Application Security Guide 2017

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By Roxane Suau on September, 20 2017

The digital transformation immersed us into a mobile-first world where smartphones and smart devices are the communications media. Mobile Applications became the cornerstone of this new model providing hackers with a new landscape to play in.

This new attack surface is composed of known malwares representing the tip of the iceberg and unknown and advanced threats exploiting various lines of attack.

Companies releasing mobile applications for their end-users, partners or employees are facing this new security challenge and are required to build bullet-proof mobile applications.This security approach triggers different control and protection phases across the Application lifecycle and refers to Mobile Application Security.

Mobile Application Security is about delivering leakage free, vulnerability free, tamper proof, self-protecting mobile apps.

This guide shows the path to master mobile application security, from development to exploitation. It is organized as follow: 

  • The Mobile Application Security Landscape
  • Development and Testing Phase 
  • Running Phase on End-users' devices


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