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A mobile security solution dedicated to Samsung | What is Pradeo Security for Samsung?

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By Stéphane Saad on December, 19 2019

Enterprise mobility is remarkably enhancing productivity. Companies have seized this opportunity by enabling collaborators to work with mobile devices and applications, often out of companies’ premises. Accordingly, mobile data privacy has become a major focus for end-users and authorities in the last years. The area is now regulated by general or industry-specific laws that require organizations to protect their mobile environment through the deployment of dedicated solutions. These new usages and legal requirements are redefining cybersecurity, constraining security heads to rethink their strategy.


The biggest challenge of today’s businesses is to comply with mobile data privacy laws as well as industry standards regulating mobility, while maintaining the agility gained from the use of mobile devices and applications. While too restrictive security solutions will definitely make users feel limited and uncomfortable, overly flexible policies won’t ensure enough protection.

Pradeo and Samsung combined their technologies into a Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) solution dedicated to securing workforces using Samsung mobile devices. Pradeo Security for Samsung fulfills all the functionalities of a classic MTD solution by preventing network and OS exploits, with the addition of unique mobile application analysis and threat mitigation features.

If this joint solution devotes significant capabilities at the applicative level, it is no coincidence. In the corporate sector, 78% of mobile data leakage and theft is perpetrated through mobile apps. Admittedly, multi-layer security is a prerequisite of MTD, but clearly, ensuring application security represents its most trying part.

To achieve the most efficient yet seamless protection from mobile threats, Pradeo Security for Samsung leverages Pradeo’s app security expertise to automatically identify apps’ behaviors and vulnerabilities. Then, Samsung’s technology comes into play to precisely mitigate the detected threats. All this occurs while applications continue running, without impacting users’ experience.

The level of precision brought by Pradeo Security for Samsung achieves the ultimate goal of preventing the exfiltration of sensitive business and personal data, while maintaining users’ agility.

“Samsung Electronics is proud of the work that we have done jointly with Pradeo to unlock native analytics and defense capabilities on Samsung mobile devices, thereby providing our mutual customers the most advanced and granular safety posture possible.” Said Nick Dawson, Global Director, Enterprise Business, Samsung Electronics.


Want to know more about Pradeo Security for Samsung threat coverage? Consult this page or book a call to discuss it with a specialist.


About the collaboration

Since 2015, Pradeo and Samsung are working together in pursuance of the same common goal: offering best-in-class mobile security solutions to their customers. Both companies are currently working on deeper product integrations to ease enterprise mobility and security, all at once.


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