Mobile Threat Defense Guide 2018

Posted by Roxane Suau on May 31, 2018

Our highly digital world has fundamentally changed companies’ organization. Smartphones and tablets are now at the center of our personal and professional usages, with an average of 5 hours per day spent on them.


" In constant demand of immediacy, the new employee is mobile, flexible and always connected. "

In the last decade, organizations have whether equipped themselves with corporate mobile devices or set up BYOD policies allowing employees to use their own mobile devices for professional purposes. In both cases, corporate data are now extensively accessed by mobile workers, exposing them to a whole new range of risks.

When regulation requires from organizations to take appropriate measures to secure information, mobile security is becoming a key stone in digital strategies. Mobile threat defense field of expertise has been developed to close the ongoing security gap and tackle the onslaught of mobile threats.

This guide aims at addressing the core questions to be asked when planning on setting up mobile security: 

  • What are the foundations of mobile threat defense?
  • Why existing security boundaries falls short in countering mobile threats?
  • What to expect from a mobile threat defense solution and what are the key capabilities to look for?






Topics: Mobile Security, Cybersecurity, Expertise