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Samsung SDS chooses Pradeo to protect its customers’ mobile devices

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By Roxane Suau on October, 13 2021

Pradeo and Samsung SDS are announcing today the recent signature of a commercial partnership. Pradeo’s Mobile Threat Defense services are now integrated with Samsung SDS on-premises Enterprise Mobility Management solution and resold by Samsung SDS’s sales teams. 

Starting today, Samsung SDS EMM users can simply contact their account manager to start protecting their mobile fleet and knock out in a few clicks all the increasing cyberthreats (such as malware or data exfiltration) targeting enterprise mobility. 


The smoothest user experience on the market 

Pradeo Security Mobile Threat Defense prevents data breach from mobile devices used for work-related activities. It comes as a mobile security application available for Android, Android Enterprise, iOS and Chromebooks. 

With SDS EMM integration, the Pradeo Security app can be mass installed across your entire fleet to alleviate security team workloads, and provide automated protective measures that come with the Samsung SDS EMM platform. This integration provides IT administrators with a simple interface to: 

  • Manage access to corporate resources based on global security status updates provided by Pradeo. 
  • Immediately block threats on users’ devices through app blocking, network disconnection and more. 

On the end-user side, a simple zero-touch configuration activates the on-going transparent security checks and threat neutralization. In short, corporate data is fully protected while both administrators and the workforce go on with business as usual. 



An in-depth expertise of mobile application security

Mobile applications are cybercriminals’ favored vector to compromise smartphones and tablets, counting as the source of 76% of mobile attacks in 2020 (source: Global Mobile Security Report, Pradeo). But apps’ tricks are constantly changing to bypass organizations’ security gates, making it complex to detect and neutralize them before they do harm. 

Mobile app security is Pradeo’s core expertise. Leveraging years of experience scrutinizing millions of apps, Pradeo’s detection of hidden and advanced apps’ behaviors (malware, spyware, data processing activities, vulnerabilities…) is recognized by Gartner, IDC and Frost & Sullivan as the most efficient on the market. 


Pradeo and Samsung, working together towards excellence since 2015 

For years, Pradeo and Samsung have been working together in pursuance of a common goal: offering the most efficient mobile protection to their customers.  

Pradeo was one of Samsung’s first mobile security partners to leverage the advanced security features of the Samsung Knox platform, changing for good the mobile security experience of Samsung devices’ users. 

Today once again, the Samsung SDS branch has picked its trusted partner Pradeo to be the Mobile Threat Defense provider integrated with its EMM and resold by its units. 


About Pradeo 

Pradeo is a global leader of mobile security. The company ensures the protection of all mobile usages, by offering services dedicated to securing smartphones, tablets and mobile applications. 

Pradeo's cutting-edge AI-based technology, Pradeo Security, is recognized as one of the most advanced mobile security technologies by Gartner, IDC, Frost & Sullivan and Forrester. It provides a reliable protection from mobile threats to prevent data leakage and reinforce compliance with data privacy regulations. 

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