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Blockchain: The cybersecurity revolution with its strengths and weaknesses

Posted by Clément Saad on March 08, 2018

Sometimes it's unfortunate that technical terms, often with technological input, are emptied of meaning by inappropriate marketing uses. It has been some time since I gave up fighting the misuse of the term "innovation" and now deplore the overuse of artificial intelligence.

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Mobile Threat Landscape: What to expect in 2018

Posted by Clément Saad on January 12, 2018

Last year, we witnessed more mobile attacks and data breaches than ever before.

Ransomwares (like WannaCry, NotPetya…) have often made the headlines as their attacks increased by 300% in the first quarter of 2017 (Panda Lab), and globally, the volume of unknown malwares has quadrupled year-over-year (Mobile App Threat Review Q1 2017).

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Artificial Intelligence, The Pillar Of Cyber Defense

Posted by Clément Saad on August 29, 2017

Computer Science has no limit. This strong conviction has always been the reason for my attraction to it. But why is there no limit? Because like any other science by definition, it has no ending. Computer Science also brings into reality results of applied researches, themselves supported by fundamental researches. 

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Many companies are outpaced by cyber-threats

Posted by Clément Saad on May 16, 2017

Like everyone, I couldn’t miss the breaking news about the recent major cyber-attack which particularly affected several large companies such as Renault. It’s following other reported cyber-attacks during the French presidential election, which are also following on those noticed during the US election, which are also following on those that hit Yahoo, Sony, TV5 world, …

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MDM / EMM and security solutions have to merge!

Posted by Clément Saad on March 30, 2017

 Let’s remember: when laptops appeared end of last century, companies immediately understood the benefits they could make from mobility. Thus, they massively got equipped with those new devices. Then, naturally, the problematic of the remote management was asked. Consequently, sometime later (and probably after some incidents…), the security of those devices was asked.

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