Are These Malicious Google Play Applications Still On Your Smartphone?

Posted by Roxane Suau on November 29, 2018

When Google and Apple remove malicious applications from their stores, people who have them on their smartphone are not notified of their dangerous behaviors. Therefore, millions of users keep malwares on their devices and expose all the data they manipulate to proven threats.



In 2017, Google enhanced its threat detection technology to reduce the amount of malicious applications on the Play Store. It resulted in the detection and deletion of 700,000 official applications over a year. Even though the identified threats have been dealt with, Google disclosed that in 2018 an average of 0.08% of devices that only download from Google Play still have potentially harmful applications installed on their device.

Despite these reinforced measures, mobile security experts like Pradeo still frequently uncover malwares on official stores. Further to their findings, applications are usually quickly deleted from the stores as well as all of their existing traces. A perfect illustration would be for instance the game “Hyper Car Driving Simulator” which was deleted from the Google Play store last week because of its malicious activities. However, the app can still be found via the Google search engine, but when clicking on the URL it can no longer be found.



Through this approach, stores prevent the infection to spread to new users, but they don’t initiate any retroactive actions. This lack of communication has a huge impact, because according to a study conducted by the Pradeo Lab in November 2018, 89% of malicious applications that were deleted from stores are still installed on active devices 6 months after their deletion. A list of mobile applications that Google Play removed in the recent months can be found at the end of this article.

As a security head, preventing the use of these malicious applications by the mobile workforce isn’t easy, because there is no official listing of them. Pradeo Security Mobile Threat Defense solution relies on a behavioral analysis engine based on AI and Machine Learning to detect and understand every actions performed on mobile devices. Thus, Pradeo Security identifies with precision applications security level and allows organizations to block malwares (identified by stores or not) and behaviors that don’t comply with their company policy.


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50 applications removed by Google Play in the recent months:

Baby Room
Tattoo Name
Car garage
Japanese Garden
House Terrace
Skirt Design
Yoga Meditation
Shoe rack
Unique T-shirt
Mens Shoes
TV RuanG TaMu
Idea Glasses
Fashion Muslim
Clothing Drawing
Minimalist Kitchen
Nail Art
Ice cream stick
Children Clothes
Home Ceiling
Living room
Knitted Baby
Hair Paint
Wall Decoration
Painting Mahendi
Couple shirts
Unique Graffiti
Paper flower
Night gown
Wardrobe Ideas
Dining table
Window Design
Wing Chun
Fencing Technique Luxury Cars SUV Traffic
Car Driving Simulator
Extreme Car Driving Racing
Moto Cross Extreme Racing
SUV City Climb Parking
Extreme Car Driving City
City Traffic Moto Racing
Extreme Sport Car Driving
Hyper Car Driving Simulator
Truck Cargo Simulator
SUV 4x4 Driving Simulator
Firefighter - Fire Truck Simulator
Luxury Car Parking

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