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Pradeo's mobile application security suite extends its coverage with new app shielding service

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By Roxane Suau on September, 23 2021

Applications are the cornerstone of our ultra-connected mobile world. Like a Swiss Army knife, they are the ideal tool for organizations to offer online services to their various audiences.

However, mobile applications’ time to market is often rushed by urgent business needs and are not conducted as thoroughly as developers want.

Pradeo, a pioneer in mobile application security, supports security teams with ready-to-use tools and services that reinforce their DevSecOps approach while saving time throughout the application lifecycle.


App shielding, to thwart reverse engineering and code tampering

Currently, more than 700 websites operate worldwide as stores offering counterfeited applications. They provide copies of known applications to which behaviors have been added and/or premium subscriptions have been unlocked.

Shielding relies on the combination of complementary techniques: obfuscation to conceal the application's code, encryption to make its critical data extremely hard to understand, and tamper detection to ensure code integrity.

To save developers’ time, Pradeo's new service enables them to apply the combination of app shielding techniques of their choice from the executable file of their application, for Android and iOS. This way, the organization is assured of protecting the intellectual property of its mobile application while preventing it from being cloned for illegal purposes.

"Tampering the code of a mobile application is a piece of cake. With our service, security teams benefit from the latest app shielding techniques, without requiring any development nor increasing the application's time to market, since Pradeo Security takes care of everything." Vivien Raoul, CTO and Co-founder of Pradeo.


AppSec services unified in a single platform to strengthen the DevSecOps approach

The mobile environment is composed of a variety of applications and devices that are each fallible at different levels. Protecting only one of these levels and not addressing the others does not provide a reliable protection.

Pradeo’s mobile security platform centralizes various and complementary services that enable, among others, to fully secure mobile applications from development to operations (no source code required):

  • Mobile application security testing, to identify non-compliant behaviors, vulnerabilities and remediate them.
  • Mobile application shielding to prevent reverse engineering and code tampering.
  • In-app threat defense, to protect applications from threats evolving in their execution environment.
  • Application authentication to prevent clones from fraudulently connecting to organizations’ servers.
  • Mobile security event collection to analyze threats surrounding an application and enrich SIEM and XDR platforms.


In 2021, Frost & Sullivan recognized Pradeo Security with the “Best global mobile security enabling technology award”. More details in the analyst report.


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