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Pradeo announces a new partnership with Microsoft at the Mobile World Congress 2018

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By Stéphane Saad on February, 28 2018

As data protection stands at the heart of security concerns, Pradeo has forged privileged partnerships with the key mobile players such as Samsung, Microsoft or IBM to provide businesses with a flexible management of security

We are happy to announce that Pradeo’s Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) technology is now integrated with Microsoft EMS. This partnership secures corporate data accessed via mobile devices and ensures data privacy compliance.


Mobile security in reach of businesses

Immersed into the digitalization and the mobile revolution, companies quickly adapted and equipped their users with mobile devices, and provided their services through mobile applications …

These phases being over, the security chapter opens up and companies want to upgrade their mobile framework to integrate their security criteria combining internal requirements and regulation obligations.

Thanks to its complete and accurate approach of mobile security, Pradeo developed in recent years strategic partnerships with structuring players in the mobile ecosystem (Atos, Samsung, VMware, Microsoft, IBM…) to ease access to security capabilities.


A start into the year along with Samsung and Microsoft

Early this year, Pradeo and Samsung pushed further their collaboration initiated in 2015 launching their new generation solution enhancing mobile device security while preserving users’ ability to remain productive.

Pradeo is pursuing its path and benefits of the Mobile World Congress to announce the integration of Pradeo Security and Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security. This new collaboration with a key player delivering mobile management solution joins existing ones in the likes of VMware, IBM, MobileIron or SOTI and completes Pradeo’s ecosystem.


360° Mobile Threat Defense(More details on this page)

Microsoft EMS is a modern, cloud-based application and device management for a mobile-first, cloud-first world. The integration of Pradeo Moblie Threat Defense within Microsoft EMS allows identifying and blocking threats in real time on users’ devices and to automatically synchronize lists of uncompliant devices and applications on the Microsoft MDM platform. Pradeo Security offers 360° protection against threats from applications, network and the OS.

1. Define a mobile management strategy tailored to the needs of your business.

2. Apply your security levels while allowing employees to work with the devices and applications of their choice.

3. Protect your mobile fleet against known, unknown, and sophisticated threats.


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