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How to strengthen your cybersecurity posture by automating mobile security?

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By Roxane Suau on March, 21 2023

The constant growth and diversification of cyber threats is making them tedious to manage. When faced with thousands of daily security alerts, cybersecurity teams may not be able to manually respond to each one in an optimal timeframe.

This problem is even more accurate on mobile devices, where the number of security events is increased tenfold by the number of endpoints and usages: installation of risky applications, connections to an unsecured network, dangerous modification of the OS configuration, etc.

Considering that most mobile attacks are fast-acting and random, it is easy to see why a manual security response is inadequate. The ideal approach to efficiently detecting and responding to mobile threats is through real-time and automation.



PART 1 - Automate Mobile Application Security

Applications are at the heart of mobile usages. Today, a company generally has applications intended for its customers, employees and sometimes even its network of partners. These applications are entrusted with sensitive information, sometimes personal (like banking or health) or simply confidential. To ensure that mobile applications used by your different audiences are not a source of data leakage, it is necessary to ensure their security.


To automate the audit of mobile applications, different setups are available to address companies’ use cases:

  • Audit the security of applications you develop through the Pradeo Security online platform or by integrating Pradeo’s API into your development environment. This way, you can automatically identify security flaws in your applications (unexpected behaviors, data sending, vulnerabilities, connections...) throughout their development cycle and correct them as they are identified.
  • Audit the security of the public applications your employees use by synchronizing Pradeo Security with your mobile endpoint management solution (UEM, EMM, MDM...) or by installing the Pradeo mobile security application on their devices. Thus, all applications used in your mobile fleet will be controlled and neutralized when they are found to be non-compliant, according to your security and remediation criteria.

Then, even when applications are developed by scrupulously following best practices, if they do not have security mechanisms strengthening them, they may not be able to overcome threats found on users' devices (attempt to overlay and steal identifiers, interception of data processing over the network…).


An in-app security module such as Pradeo’s app shielding actively protects applications at runtime:

  • Your app detects configuration risks and threats operating in its execution environment (emulator, clone, malware, OTP interceptor, man-in-the-middle...)
  • You customize automatic security responses that will be applied in real time when a threat is detected: disabling critical services, denying transactions, warning the user and administrator, closing the application...

PART 2 - Automate the security of mobile devices

In any organization today, and even more so since the widespread of remote work, mobile devices are a privileged and broadly used tool. With a mobile fleet composed of hundreds or thousands of devices, relying on human intervention to ensure security is hard to manage.


Pradeo's Mobile Threat Defense solution automates the protection of mobile devices:

  • You rely on the Pradeo Security mobile security application installed in "zero-touch" mode on each device to detect configuration risks and threats in real time.
  • You custom automatic security responses that are applied in real time: denial of access to the work profile, app blocking, disconnection from a malicious network, user and administrator warnings, etc. By customizing your automatic responses, no human intervention is required.

And since a large proportion of users who access your company's resources use personal mobile devices, there are solutions to automate the protection of resources accessed from unmanaged devices, that potentially run hostile environments.

Pradeo's Secure Private Store solution ensures the protection of mobile services when used on unmanaged devices:

  • Pradeo designs your white labeled store, with the name of your choice to reflect your organization, and you add the applications, files, links, etc. you want.
  • Your users can freely access your resources as long as their device does not carry any threats, no action is required from your side.


The benefits of automation

By automating mobile threat detection and response, you:

  • save valuable time to devote to other tasks: analysis of thwarted attacks, refinement of the security strategy, etc.,
  • ensure that threats are blocked in real time before they compromise your information system,
  • reinforce your security posture and make it an asset to your customers, partners, investors, etc.,
  • make your mobile environment comply with data protection laws and limit the risk of data leakage and fines for non-compliance,
  • free up your employees' mobile usages by not having to restrict them or teach them good IT hygiene, since security is ensured upstream.


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