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The Dark Web, pirates' supermarket
By Vivien Raoul on August 8, 2019

We often hear about the dark web, the famous hidden face of the Internet whose webpages are not referred in the classical search engines and are only...

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iOS Security Report: Threats Targeting Apple Mobile Devices
By Vivien Raoul on December 11, 2018

There has been a debate for years. Many consider the Apple mobile operating system, iOS, to be more secured than Android. But, is it really?

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Eurosport Official Mobile App Vulnerable to Data Leakage
By Vivien Raoul on June 8, 2018

While the World Cup is around the corner, football applications are becoming omnipresent. Among their features, you can check live scores, follow...

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Connected Objects, Vulnerable to Malicious Takeover
By Vivien Raoul on March 27, 2018

In a few years, smart cars will become common and they will drive you wherever you want autonomously. We are not at that stage yet, but we can...

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Mobile Apps: The Line Between Convenience & Data Leakage
By Vivien Raoul on November 15, 2017

57% of all our time spent using digital media happens in smartphone and tablet apps, according to The 2017 U.S. Mobile App Report from comScore. ...

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