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The Dark Web, pirates' supermarket

Picture of Vivien Raoul
By Vivien Raoul on August, 8 2019

We often hear about the dark web, the famous hidden face of the Internet whose webpages are not referred in the classical search engines and are only accessible from a dedicated browser. This secret portion of the web would be much larger in terms of size than its visible alter ego, which earned it to be regularly compared to the submerged part of an iceberg.

In order to broaden our expertise, we regularly browse the dark web for information on data privacy and mobile application security. This watch in the heart of the underground internet allows us to develop countermeasures adapted to current and future threats. During our research, we identified different trends that jeopardize the security of corporate data. Here are the main ones.


Hiring a cybercriminal for $250

On the dark web, it is common to be offered the various services of a pirate, all purchasable online in a few clicks just as any common internet shopping. Among the available missions are the hacking of an email inbox, a website or a corporate database for up to $10,000. After the attack, it is specified that all the data collected by the hacker will be transmitted to the buyer. It's as simple as that, within a few clicks and for a fee, anyone can order the theft of highly sensitive data.






Buying the malware you want

On this blog, we regularly talk about malware that threatens mobile devices, applications and data, such as Ransomware, overlays, etc. These malware are subtly integrated into mobile applications to steal user data. On the dark web, we regularly detect state-of-the-art malware, which is about to be sold and propagated (see the Ransomware-as-a-Service below). The possibility of creating a malicious application is becoming more popular and is no longer reserved for the most experienced hackers.




Buy and sell business data

The rise of corporate cyberattacks shows that a lucrative market is hiding behind the resale of corporate data. On the dark web, a multitude of sites openly offer to buy confidential data from information systems of companies in various sectors, with a special bonus for those from the banking and health realm. This growing demand suggests an acceleration of piracy in these sensitive sectors.




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