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IDC recognizes Pradeo as core Mobile Threat Defense vendor

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By Roxane Suau on September, 9 2020

The market research firm IDC just released its latest marketscape dedicated to the assessment of Mobile Threat Management software vendors in 2020. Once again, Pradeo is featured as a core player delivering cutting-edge Mobile Threat Defense capabilities to address the continuously evolving mobile security environment.


The mobile security market footprint

With 89% of the workforce being mobile, the protection of smartphones and tablets comes as a mandatory stream of the corporate security strategy. The broad-based security of workers, now also referred to as Unified Endpoint Security, smoothly combines miscellaneous fields of expertise: the management, detection and remediation of threats on desktops and mobile devices, as well as the aggregation of security events for forensic analysis. We detailed in a previous article the interactions between each of these building blocks and the specificities of their sphere of competence.

Companies are extensively deploying Mobile Threat Defense solutions which are expected and challenged to consistently handle the diversity of mobile configurations (BYOD, COPE, COSU, etc.) and fit into the richness of the ecosystem in place. Mobile devices naturally bring flexibility into their wake and mixing professional and personal usages has become usual. Mobility has further amplified with the pandemic situation as observed by Phil Hochmuth, Program Vice President, Enterprise Mobility at IDC and author of the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Mobile Threat Management Software 2020 Vendor Assessment : "Many of the weak links and top threat vectors in enterprise mobile security are exacerbated by the current COVID-19 situation with massive remote workforces using personal devices".

The variety of players mentioned in the report demonstrates the inking of mobile security in the cybersecurity space. However, the diversity of players’ backgrounds and the early-stage maturity of some solutions do not lead to the same value proposition. If the protection of mobile devices sounds like an obvious product expansion, some solutions are immediately falling short from a technology perspective.


Pradeo Security: Why is it so efficient?

The key to effective Mobile Threat Defense lies in delivering advanced protection no matter the context. Pradeo Security is recognized for being fully adaptive to the mobile ecosystem and maintaining a leading-edge technology which vivacity keeps successfully tackling the ever-growing mobile threat landscape.

Accurate and granular

Pradeo Security Mobile Threat Defense relies on Artificial Intelligence and a highly trained threat detection engine to precisely identify threats lurking on mobile devices, relying on facts only and no risk estimation. Such an accuracy allows for a granular security as well as very precise remedial actions. Regardless of whether Pradeo’s clients operates in Banking, Health, Retail, Energy, etc., they all leverage the solution as if it was tailored for their industry and specific needs.

Mobile collaborators, for their part, benefit from this accuracy by being protected while maintaining their agility, as threats are precisely neutralized with minimum restrictions of their usages.

Across configurations

As mobility results from an increasing need of flexibility from employees, companies, clients, partners, etc., agility comes as a deciding factor when it comes to picking up a mobile security solution. Today’s companies' environment is composed of various mobile devices operating on different systems, belonging to either the company itself or being personally owned, hence multiplying the possible security scenario to be prepared for.

To facilitate security teams’ job, Pradeo Security offers an all-in-one protection of Android, iOS and ChromeOS, while also covering the various mobile devices’ operating profiles (Bring-Your-Own-Device, Corporate-Owned Personally-Enabled, Corporate-Owned Single-Use...).

Full security coverage of work and personal profiles

The advent of Android Enterprise has brought the light on the containerization of work/personal usages on personal devices (BYOD) or corporate devices enabling personal usages (COPE). When devices are configured with two profiles, any of them can contain threats targeting the other. For example, if a screenlogger malware is installed on the personal profile of a device, it can have a view on the managed profile. Pradeo Security monitors threats on both environments to prevent theft on the work profile potentially occurring from this security gap, while respecting users’ privacy.

Integrated with all major Unified Endpoint Management solutions

Nowadays, many companies have solutions in place to manage their mobile ecosystem. Even though Pradeo Security can be used as a standalone solution, the company has developed a large network of partners. Pradeo Security is integrated with UEM leaders: VMware Workspace ONE, Microsoft Endpoint Manager (formerly Intune), MobileIron, BlackBerry UEM, IBM MaaS360, 42Gears, etc. When a mobile fleet is already managed through an UEM, the security capabilities of Pradeo can be easily activated within the UEM platform. Two levels of protection are available to fit any need: application vetting or on-device 360° threat defense.

Another solution fully dedicated to unmanaged BYOD devices

As not all companies choose to equip their workforce with mobile devices but decide instead to leverage personal ones, Pradeo offers a solution dedicated to securing accesses to corporate mobile services carried out from unmanaged devices: Secure Private Store.

The store allows organizations to distribute various mobile services to their collaborators (public and private apps, documents…), that they can freely use under the condition that their device does not bear any threat. By associating store and security functions, Pradeo is the first cybersecurity vendor answering the safety issue caused by personally owned mobile devices used in the corporate environment. Actual game changer, the solution doesn’t require BYOD devices to be managed to secure their usage of the store, thus improving security team’s efficiency and agenda.


>> Client Case: The French Army explains how they protect unmanaged BYOD usages with Pradeo’s Private Store


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