Mobile Applications Threats Review

Posted by Roxane Suau on June 19, 2017


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Apps & connected objects, a new way of living

Posted by Faustine Tournay on September 12, 2016

IoT, if we still dare to use this appellation for connected objects, introduced new ways to use data that we don’t know how to handle yet. Once again, the enthusiasm has taken upon the reflection that should have occurred ahead and everyone was equipped before even thinking about securing this new technology.

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Posted by Anne Werkmeister on August 10, 2016

Pokemon Go App from Official Google Play and Apple store is safe (despite recent rumors)


Pradeo has detected  malware in the wake of Pokemon GO phenomenal sucess. Here are some related Apps and description of some of their unwanted behaviors.

Enjoy the game but don't trust fake copies!

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MDM, the first brick to the big wall of mobile security

Posted by Faustine Tournay on August 09, 2016

A matter of cycles

When we look at the evolution of technology during the past 30 years, cycles are always coming back the same way;

  • - First, we are getting equipped. No matter what, a new breakthrough technology will always tickle the consumer, even before proving its worth.
  • - When the deployment is done, the question of the management of this new technology is asked; what is to be done with what is deployed.
  • - Then, and only then, the security aspect of this new equipment smashes the consumer in the face. The enthusiasm has faded to let the concern of data breaches grow.
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