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Topic: Mobile Application Security

Mobile application security: Hardening, Shielding, RASP…
By Luc Pinto-Capelle on May 27, 2019

With the drastically increasing frequency of hacking attempts on mobile applications, on both iOS and Android, and the often devastating consequences...

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The alarming security state of airline mobile apps
By The Pradeo Lab on May 23, 2019

Do you usually install your airline mobile app when traveling? You may think twice before using it for your next vacation. Our latest study based on...

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This Banking Institution Prevents Mobile Fraud With Pradeo Security
By Roxane Suau on July 30, 2018

Banks have digitalized their services to offer the best experience to their clients. As a result, it is now of current use to check accounts and...

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New Research: The Current State of Mobile Application Security
By Roxane Suau on May 24, 2018

Mobile applications are the first media we use to access information from our smartphones and tablets. We easily trust them with sensitive data, but...

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Mobile Apps: The Line Between Convenience & Data Leakage
By Vivien Raoul on November 15, 2017

57% of all our time spent using digital media happens in smartphone and tablet apps, according to The 2017 U.S. Mobile App Report from comScore. ...

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