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Topic: Mobile Application Security

SMS OTP Authentication: Not As Safe As You May Think
By Roxane Suau on February 17, 2020

Most online transactions require a two-step authentication, and the One-Time-Password (OTP) sent by SMS is often one of those two steps. The purpose...

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OWASP Top 10 mobile risks: Break down and mobile app development best practices
By Roxane Suau on January 30, 2020

The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is a worldwide non-profit organization that frequently publishes practical information on...

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Pradeo launches a Private Secure Store solution to facilitate and expand safe BYOD usages for companies
By Roxane Suau on October 15, 2019

After being awarded by Frost & Sullivan for best mobile security, Pradeo adds a new offer to its product line to address a strong mobile security...

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Report | How secure are the most widespread mobile applications?
By The Pradeo Lab on August 26, 2019

This security report presents how secure mobile applications are, according to the industry they are part of. It delivers statistics showing that...

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OWASP vulnerabilities: When mobile applications can’t withstand attacks
By Roxane Suau on August 5, 2019

Mobile apps are now on top of our digital consumption and they process data from millions of users all around the globe every day. The growing...

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