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Topic: Cybersecurity

[White Paper] Mobile Banking: Regulations, Threats & Fraud Prevention
By Roxane Suau on October 3, 2018

Mobile banking is a 24/7 remote service offered by banks and financial institutions to their clients. It is delivered through mobile applications and...

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Mobile Data, a Structuring Piece of Organizations GDPR compliance [INFOGRAPHIC]
By Roxane Suau on March 22, 2018

The digital transformation has created a cloud-first and mobile-first world, greatly increasing the amount of mobile data transiting between mobile...

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Blockchain: The cybersecurity revolution with its strengths and weaknesses
By Clément Saad on March 8, 2018

Sometimes it's unfortunate that technical terms, often with technological input, are emptied of meaning by inappropriate marketing uses. It has been...

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Artificial Intelligence, The Pillar Of Cyber Defense
By Clément Saad on August 29, 2017

Computer Science has no limit. This strong conviction has always been the reason for my attraction to it. But why is there no limit? Because like any...

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Many companies are outpaced by cyber-threats
By Clément Saad on May 16, 2017

Like everyone, I couldn’t miss the breaking news about the recent major cyber-attack which particularly affected several large companies such as...

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