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Pradeo's mobile application security suite extends its coverage with new app shielding service
By Roxane Suau on September 23, 2021

Applications are the cornerstone of our ultra-connected mobile world. Like a Swiss Army knife, they are the ideal tool for organizations to offer...

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A mobile security solution dedicated to Samsung | What is Pradeo Security for Samsung?
By Stéphane Saad on December 19, 2019

Enterprise mobility is remarkably enhancing productivity. Companies have seized this opportunity by enabling collaborators to work with mobile...

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Google Play’s most downloaded shopping apps irresponsibly process users’ data
By The Pradeo Lab on November 14, 2019

The largest online retailers in the world offer their products through mobile applications that are used by billions of customers. As a result,...

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Report | How secure are the most widespread mobile applications?
By The Pradeo Lab on August 26, 2019

This security report presents how secure mobile applications are, according to the industry they are part of. It delivers statistics showing that...

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The Dark Web, pirates' supermarket
By Vivien Raoul on August 8, 2019

We often hear about the dark web, the famous hidden face of the Internet whose webpages are not referred in the classical search engines and are only...

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