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Topic: Security Alert

Google Play’s most downloaded shopping apps irresponsibly process users’ data
By The Pradeo Lab on November 14, 2019

The largest online retailers in the world offer their products through mobile applications that are used by billions of customers. As a result,...

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Pradeo streamlines Mobile Threat Intelligence with a brand-new line of services for security professionals
By Roxane Suau on July 10, 2019

Official Press Release here. Pradeo’s new mobile threat intelligence services provide deep and accurate insights on mobile threats, offering...

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Are These Malicious Google Play Applications Still On Your Smartphone? | Updated June 2019
By Roxane Suau on June 13, 2019

When Google and Apple remove malicious or leaky applications from their stores, people who have them on their smartphone are not notified of their...

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Google Play app Peel Smart Remote leaks users' pictures
By The Pradeo Lab on June 7, 2019

Updated on June 7th: Following the announcement of these discoveries, the "Peel Smart Remote" mobile application was removed from Google Play.   ...

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The alarming security state of airline mobile apps
By The Pradeo Lab on May 23, 2019

Do you usually install your airline mobile app when traveling? You may think twice before using it for your next vacation. Our latest study based...

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